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ABIGAIL "ABBY" LEE is a homeschooled third grader living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She studies flute performance at the Community School of Music and Arts at Finn Center (CSMA) under Ms. Sarah Benton, where she is a part of the Merit Scholar Prelude Program. She has been a member of Inception since June 2021.


Abby began her musical journey on the piano, before switching to flute at the age of 6. She also recently started learning the cello. Her focus is mainly on the classical repertoire, though she is expanding her interest to other genres. Abby has also participated in musical theater with the Spindrift School of Performing Arts and other programs. 


Abby is just as dedicated to the visual arts and creative writing as she is to music. She constantly adds works to her beloved "Sanpro Library," a vast collection of stories, comic strips, and graphic novels. She is also a bird enthusiast and soccer player.

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