AMY (AIZHOU) LIU, Vice President, is a singer-songwriter, music producer and freelance model from China, and currently living in Los Angeles. Beijing-born and Shanghai-raised, Ms. Liu grew up in a richly multicultural environment and a vibrant community fused of traditional Chinese and modern Western culture. Her unique upbringing impacts her outlook on the world and it shines through in the music she writes and produces. She firmly believes music to be a vehicle of storytelling and social change.

She started classical training in piano when she was 5 and sang in choir since 7, but her musical journey truly began when she discovered Western punk and pop rock musical artists in her teens. Inspired by these genres and her traditional Chinese music roots, Aizhou started to write her own songs and teach herself to play the guitar. When Aizhou was 17, she founded her own rock band and went on to represent her high school, Dulwich College Shanghai, in local showcases and events. After high school, Aizhou worked in music marketing in Shanghai’s 18,000 seat indoor venue, Mercedes-Benz Arena where she launched campaigns for artists such as Jay Chou and Ronghao Li.

While she was deeply interested in music marketing, Aizhou felt it was time to continue the next step of her musical education. She was accepted and was awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music majoring in contemporary music writing and production, and she graduated in December 2019. During her time at Berklee, she has studied under renowned jazz pianists Yoko Miwa and Bob Winter, arranger Lee Abe and composer Joe Carrier. Aizhou was also an active member of the Student Entrepreneurship Association (SEA) and handles marketing work for Berklee’s prestigious association Chinese Music Industry (CMI), a society which hosts summits and collaboration concerts with American and Chinese music industry leaders. She was also the producer at the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN), through which she promotes live performances around Boston featuring Berklee bands as well as performing in them herself. While she regularly produces her own original music, she also enjoys collaborating, playing piano for studio sessions as well as co-writing and arranging music with her peers at Berklee.

Aizhou moved to New York City in spring 2019 and is worked as an intern at Butter, an international music and sound company. She produced demos for their commercial music jobs and helps build their music library “Haystack”.

Aizhou moved to Los Angeles in March 2020 and is working to release more original music. Stay tuned for her upcoming shows in the United States and in China!

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