DAVID MANN is a highly innovative composer writing for film, television and interactive media in Los Angeles. His body of work includes music for Disney, Fox, National Georgraphic and PBS,  among others. One of the top graduates of the USC Film Scoring program, he began writing for film over ten years ago and has gradually moved up the ranks with a host of films, documentaries and theatre productions. His style fuses electronic, orchestral and world music idioms to create a product which is both rich in detail and emotionally powerful.

In addition to his composing work, Mr. Mann was the DJ on over forty editions of KKCR's Sunday Classical program and is named principal inventor on at least two patents for music technology inventions.

On March 9th, 2017, David made a seminal breakthrough by creating a computer algorithm that could write music on par with that of a human. By taking his years of composing experience and translating this into instructions that could be executed by machine, he was able to write a cello piece electronically, that fooled even the most discerning ears, including the cello player himself. David's UltraMusician and UltraJamSession Pro can be found in the iTunes store.

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