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Headshot of Jason Lee with his violin.



JASON LEE is a homeschooled sixth grader living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He studies violin performance at the Community School of Music and Arts at Finn Center (CSMA) under Ms. Stella Bonilla, where he is a part of the Merit Scholar program. As a merit scholar, he has performed in outreach concerts in various community venues as well as in ensemble and solo concerts. He also plays in the Preparatory Orchestra at Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra. He has been a member of Inception since June 2021.


Jason began his musical journey early on the piano, before switching to violin at the age of 6. He also received training in music theory from CSMA, following the RCM curriculum. His focus has been mainly on the classical repertoire, with an interest toward world music. 


Jason enjoys exploring just about anything related to mathematics. He is also an enthusiastic soccer player.

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