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Headshot of Luca Millard-Kish



I score my life with orchestral music filling my head. I hear grooves in someone knocking on the door and fanfares in the honking of car horns. I go to sleep thinking in melodies. I spend countless hours writing on the piano and keyboard, and then I notate, arrange, mix, and produce on my MacBook with various software and samples. But there’s no substitute for the lessons I learn when my music is played live. 52 tracks of orchestral samples in Logic don’t compare to the depth of feeling conveyed by real people playing real instruments. Working with other young musicians (and artists across disciplines) can teach me what my obsessive hard work on its own just can’t. 

I play, arrange, and compose in a range of different styles, and I'm constantly looking for something new to explore. I play multiple instruments and have composed for personal, corporate, and creative projects. I read and sight-read music, work in Sibelius to notate score and parts, and use Logic Pro X to produce fully realized mixes. I’ve also worked as a music director; organizing ensembles and leading rehearsals.

In my short career, I’ve composed pieces played by Seattle Symphony musicians at Benaroya Hall and ensemble pieces recorded by session musicians in LA. I’ve written theme music for podcasts and corporate videos, produced and arranged multitrack Logic sessions for songs and orchestral mockups, and composed suites inspired by personalities. I also teach piano to students of all ages and perform at venues around Seattle.

The emotional storytelling possible with music drives me to wake up in the morning. I'm lit up by the power of music and creative collaboration, and I’ll bring my full curiosity and passion to any project or program I’m a part of.

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