LUCAS BROOKER, Vice President of Jazz Studies and Student Engagement, is a guitarist and composer based in Los Angeles. Firmly rooted in jazz, Mr. Brooker’s music is a reflection of his diverse listening experience. Initially drawn to the energy of rock music as a child, Lucas soon grew to love blues, soul, R&B, folk, country, funk, classical, hip-hop and ultimately jazz.


A recent graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, Lucas spent his college years focusing on the art of jazz improvisation. While a student, Lucas played in the UCSB Big Band, and UCSB Jazz Combos. He performed in musical productions including In the Heights, The Last Five Years, and Cabaret. Outside of school, Lucas co-founded the Santa Barbara Arts Collective, which hosted quarterly concerts of guest artists as well as UCSB students as “Hot Loads of Jazz.”


As a teacher, Lucas strives to cultivate his students’ individual artistic voices. Believing artistic creation to be an intuitive process, Lucas works with his students to develop a deep connection to their inner musical ears and a thorough understanding of musical principles. Using these two approaches in tandem, Lucas fosters in his students an artistic intuition grounded in musical knowledge that allows them to follow their ideas with real and well-founded confidence.