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Except Author Photo by Kazuka Shimada


MAE EDWARDS is a Multi-Media Mixologist. Her creative endeavors blend her musical compositions and performances with the visual mediums of video and literature.

Ms. Edwards began her musical journey at age four, studying classical violin. She performed in many different orchestras throughout her childhood, including the prestigious Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra of California founded by Dr. Ernest Katz. The Jr. Phil of California is one of the oldest and most distinctive young people’s symphony orchestras in the United States. 

At age 13, Mae discovered her brother’s neglected guitar and began her lifelong love of songwriting, amassing a total of 300 compositions to date.


Mae recently released an ambitious multi-media project entitled Starlette & Saint featuring 4 CDs containing forty-five songs, two music videos and a lushly illustrated hard-cover book. 

Starlette & Saint garnered two

Hollywood Music In Media Award (HMMA) nominations:  

Best song - Adult Contemporary Category "Anything Anymore" 

Best Independent Music Video “Astral Travels Plane 9”


Mae’s other beloved creative passion is video editing. She has edited long and short form films, dozens of documentaries and was a staff editor for the Disney Network Freeform. Mae’s numerous awards spanning her 28 year career in the edit bay include an Emmy, a Pro Max Silver, 8 Tele's and numerous film festival top honors.

Mae is currently working on a Musical Graphic Novel about Los Angeles, starring Fiona Rene (from ABC’s hit series Stumptown) with an anticipated release date on her website, her YouTube Channel and all music streaming services - Winter 2020.  

Mae’s philosophy towards art remains dedicated to realizing there’s little separation of expression, from one art form to the other. The path of the artist is to expand our awareness, helping us to see colors in a musical phrase and to help us hear an emotion musically, so as to elevate a scene on your screen.  The job of an artist is to feel and then to share with others that feeling through our artistry. And by doing so, the artist uplifts society, helping one another feel less alone.