MATTEO ORNELAS is a 12-year old homeschooler who is affiliated with The Cambria Institute micro high school. From his earliest years, classical music has been his constant companion – while playing, reading or sleeping. After an initial foray on the piano, he sampled his way through the clarinet and viola. He finally found his “soul” instrument when he bowed the strings of a cello for the first time.


When Matteo is not composing, listening to records or playing music, he is pursuing his second year of laboratory research on bacteriophages alongside his mentor. He hopes his novel genetic modification protocol will yield a bacteriophage that successfully combats antibiotic-resistant bacteria (or “superbugs”). In the future, he envisions “following the bugs” to pursue a career in epidemiology or the biomedical field. Matteo has dreamt of walking in the footsteps of Dr. Anthony Fauci (since before he was a household name). In his free time, you’ll often find Matteo biking, shooting archery, fencing, reading, writing poetry, volunteering to feed the homeless and combing through scientific journals.


Matteo would like to thank Akira and everyone at Inception Orchestra for this extraordinary opportunity! 

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