Thirteen year old SEAN PELLICCIARINI is currently home schooled and started his musical journey at four with piano. He has played one or more instruments simultaneously since.

Music has been a constant part of his life even as many other interests have come and gone, and is an integral part of who he is. Through his musical journey Sean has played piano, trumpet, violin, saxophone, bassoon, and now starting trombone. He has also dabbled in voice and guitar. Sean is currently fully engaged in playing the trumpet and bassoon and plays for the North Torrance Youth Music Ensemble (NTyme) Jazz Band and Pacific Vision Youth Symphony (PVYS, formerly AAYS).

Besides music and composition, Sean has a wide range of interests including drawing, computer science, building websites (he is currently building an interactive periodic table), robotics (building and competing), soccer, learning about languages, reading, and playing video games. He also loves to cuddle and play with his two cats, Cheddar and Graystripe.

Sean dreams of being able to combine his interests to be able to compose and perform his own songs and musical pieces, maybe to go along with some animation he has created, presented on his own website (which will host various different projects) and on his own YouTube channel, which will host videos that teach others about various topics and/or games he finds interesting. Oh - and travel the world in a custom bus that he builds.