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Musicians, composers and mentors pose in studio prior to the February 18, 2024 recording session..
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From February 17-18, 2024, our young composers flew in from across the country for a weekend of rehearsal and recording. It was great to meet students whom we'd only seen on zoom, for an amazing experience with over twenty musicians at the Village Studios.

This video features the following music by our composers: "Pilot" - Jayleen Montoya, "Tower of Babel", Christopher Lee, "Secret Identity" - Jayleen Montoya, "'Lion King' Rescore" - Bradley Carpiuc, "Raindrop Dance" - Luca Millard-Kish, "12.11.10" - Christopher Lee,  "Phases" - Cedrus Bukhari, "Veiled Deceit" - Jordan Frishman, "Claymore" - Luke Schwartz, "Christmas" - Abby Lee, and "Murder Death Orcs vs. Princess Fairies" - Ralph Watkins

Composers and Mentors at UCLA, Click to link to Complete Mentor Line Up


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link to our complete mentor line-up.

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