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A collage of 4 images: 1) the mentors and coposers at UCLA; the ASMAC Leadership Team - Lucas, Akira, Austin, Gayle, Tommy, Jonathan, Eiko. 3) Jonathan conducting the orchestra 4) Akira and Gayle wth composer Atom in the controil room; a white box with the Inception Logo is on top and reads "Feb 17-18, 2024"
Students and mentors on zoom. Caption reads: "From Zoom..."
21 musicians with their instruments, the young composers and mentors in the Village Studio D.
A caption reads "For an experience they never imagined". 8 images: 1: Lucas, Ralph and Gayle at the mixer. 2) Lundy at the piano.  3. Kris talking to bassoonist John Mitchell.  4. Jonathan conducting with Akira and Chris loking at score behind. 5) Akira speaking with a younger student. 6) A young composer sitting behind Akira and Gayle in the control room. 7) Eiko, Jordan and Akira pose for a photo in the control room. 8) Austin confers with Lundy on his score.
Collage of Day One Rehearsal at UCLA
A collage of images from dinner at La Table de Sophie. WIth images from Cafe Dulce.
The Village Studio Exterior and the hallway with platnum recordings.
Four images from the recording sessions: 1) Jonathan Allentoff Conducting. 2) Lucas, Akira, Jordan and Gayle in the booth. 3) Another photo of Lucas, Akira and Gayle at the soundboard. 4) A wide angle shot of everyone in the booth.
The Inception Leadership Team poses in the booth: Lucas Fehring, Akira Nakano, Austin Ali, Gayle Levant (ASMAC), Tommy Faragher, Jonathan Allentoff, Eiko Jin
A Thank You page for recent donors. Picture collage includes: Ralph waiving as he iis introduced by Gayle; 2) Gayle and Akira give thumbs up in the booth with Jordan; 3) Atom sits behind Gayle and Akira as his piece is recorded, 4) Lundy sits in the booth with Gayle and Akira; 5) Jon conducts the orchestra; 6) Jordan smiles at the piano
ASMAC Logo. Text reads "Gayle Levant, President'. Photo of Gayle with Akira Nakano, Austin Ali & Tommy Faragher.  Classical Sax Project Logo. TEXT: Javier Oviedo, President. Image of Javier with Austin Ali.  Allentoff Music logo. Image of Jonathan Allentoff conducting rehearsal. Text reads Jonathan Allentoff, conductor.
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