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Inception Mentorship

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"ASMAC has infused our program with composers, arrangers and musicians of the highest pedigree to mentor our young composers. They have taken our already successful program to the next level, and we couldn't  be more grateful."

-- Akira Nakano, Inception President & Artistic Director

ASMAC President Gayle Levant & Board Member Charles Fernandez, along with Inception Executive Vice President Karen Elaine and Guest Mentor Ric Becker, impart their wisdom to our Saturday morning class.

November 14, 2020


ASMAC President Gayle Levant and Executive Vice President Milton Nelson join Dr. Gigi Johnson, Executive Director of the Maremel Institute; Inception Board Member and Parent Rep, Ruby Pan; and Inception Composers for a conversation around collaboration. 

November 16, 2020


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Combining class with ASMAC workshops has further given our Inception composers the chance to learn from the Industry's best!

A shot of Inception's Huxley Westemeier and Angela Urrecheaga talking to Nami Melamad and Nerida Tyson-Chew on an ASMAC panel. Click to link to
A photo of Huxley Westemeier at ASMAC talking to Broadway legends Stepehn Flaherty, Michael Starobin and Doug Besterman. Click to link to
Inception President Akira Nakano talks to composer Bruce Broughton about college admissions at an ASMAC session. Click to link to

"Giving the kids exposure to the level of professionals that ASMAC brings, and in a friendly, but no nonsense way, has opened their eyes to so much more of what it means to be in the music industry and be a professional. The collaboration gives the young composers a much more concrete view of the music industry, which allows them to make more informed decisions and choices with their own pursuit of music, not to mention establish early connections in the industry."

-- Ruby Pan, Inception Past Board Member/Parent Rep

"The incredible ASMAC workshops (i.e. Gordon Goodwin, Paul Riser) our kids get to participate in, as well as the Saturday Inception sessions ASMAC mentors are just above and beyond and great inspirations for the composers." 

-- Liz Anderson, Inception Past Board Member/Parent Rep

See how ASMAC enhances Inception's private mentoring process


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Amplify Music 2021 Logo. Click to link to the Amplify Music 2021 sessions.

Both ASMAC and the Los Angeles Inception Orchestra are proud to have collaborated with the Maremel Institute and the Amplify Music Conference.

Wednesday April 21, - Friday, April 23, 2021

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