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Sparking Creativity in Music Education

The Los Angeles Inception Orchestra infuses music education with composition, orchestration and music theory. Our tuition-free classes provide the tools essential for any young musician across the country to find well-rounded success in a future music career. 

Mentor Joel Douek encourages composer Luis Diaz.

Read our 2020 Annual Report 

Mentor Clinton Johnson works with Andrew Boone at the piano.

Watch President & Artistic Director Akira Nakano discuss the Inception Mentoring Program at Digital Hollywood. (November 2019)

A link to a video of Nic Cha Kim's Spectrum News 1 report on Inception.

Watch Nic Cha Kim's story on Inception on Spectrum News 1 (September 2019)

A link to a video of Kate Bacich interview composer Angela Urrecheaga and Sean Pellicciarini about composing with their voice.

Watch Kate Bacich interview composers Angela Urrecheaga and Sean Pellicciarini about composing with your voice.  Recorded at our November 7th Virtual Event.

A link to a video of various endorsements from parents.

Click on image to see what our composers, parents, mentors, board members and leadership team are saying about Inception. Music by Huxley Westemeier and Bradley Carpiuc.

A link to the podcast recording of Akira Nakano being interviewed by Dr. Gigi Johnson on the Creative Innovators podcast.

Listen to Akira on the Creative Innovators Podcast with Dr. Gigi Johnson of the Maremel Institute

(October 2020)

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