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Private Mentoring is an important piece to our young composers' music education. In addition to group classes, students receive weekly private lessons with Inception faculty, and when ready, with master teachers including mentors from our collaborators, Classical Sax Project and ASMAC.

Additionally composition students regularly private mentor the younger ear training students as teaching reinforces their music foundation.

Watch composer Bradley Carpiuc's journey through
private mentoring with Akira Nakano, Brad Dutz, Hee Jin Yoon, MB Gordy and Charles Fernandez (ASMAC).

Then hear the recorded performance from July 2021.

ASMAC (American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers) Logo - Gold Circle with a black treble clef. ASMAC in gold wiith the full org name in white letters. All on a black background.
The Classical Saxophone Project logo. - Red sax with Classical Saxophone Project in Orange Letters
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