ANGELA URRECHEAGA grew up in Los Angeles around music ever since she was 4 years old when she started to play piano, and picked up the violin at 5. 

Her music style is mix of classic rock, soul, funk, indie rock and alternative R&B. Her influences are the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Queen, Billy Joel, Elton John and some of her others modern favorites include Mac Demarco, SZA, Tyler the Creator, Kanye West and many more. Her ear has been cultivated with the sounds of jazz, especially latin jazz, bossa nova, salsa and other Spanish rhythms, because of her father.

Angela is currently a junior year at Redondo Union High School, and a student of Harmony Project, where she plays the clarinet. She studied the Saxophone for 4 years when she was part of the ensemble and jazz band at her school and continues to play today. It was only this year when she started to compose music, thanks to Inception, which gave her the opportunity to learn the art of music composition. All her past and current teachers and mentors have extremely impacted her both consciously and subconsciously.

Around middle school, Angela began voice over work providing the Spanish singing voice for Netflix's "Masha and the Bear" cartoon.

Angela's interests are film, music, art, hiking and travel. She excels in history, English and Spanish classes.

She knows she will always carry these passions close to her heart.

As far as the future goes, Angela is unsure, but knows she will end up somewhere in the entertainment industry.