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A Headshot of Jack Aron.



JACK GREEN ARON, Past Vice President, is a composer, performer, and educator based in West Los Angeles. Mr. Aron’s music has been described as “eccentric and eclectic”, pulling from various sources: jazz harmony and rhythm, contemporary classical trends and styles, electronica and chill-wave, and random folk melodies. Aron has a diverse and expansive music library, with some of his favorite artists ranging from Maurice Ravel and Steve Reich all the way to Anaïs Mitchell and Tyler, the Creator. As a composer, Aron intends to create a convergence of genres and styles, with music that is wholly original...or at least that strives to be.

Originally from Santa Monica, Aron was a trumpet player at Santa Monica High School, playing in ensembles there such as the Wind Ensemble, Viking Band, Jazz Ensemble, and the Symphony Orchestra. From 2015-2017, Aron attended the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, studying music composition and theory from professor Leslie Hogan. While there, Jack played lead trumpet in the UCSB Big Band, and was commissioned to write for the UCSB Percussion Ensemble and UCSB Little Big Band. Jack also performed in the underground Isla Vista music scene, with bands/projects such as “Jack Vanity”, “Pookie”, “Hot Loads of Jazz”, and “This is Napoleon?”.

Fascinated with early music, Jack devoted extensive work into transcribing English Ballads for EBBA (English Broadside Ballad Archive). He has presented research on chant notation through the UCLA CMRS (Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies), featured by the Getty Museum, UCLA Powell Library, and the UCLA Music Library.

In 2017, Jack transferred to the Herb Alpert School of Music at UCLA, where he completed his dual B.A. in Music (Concentration in Composition) and Music Education, and a minor in History, studying under professors Ian Krouse, Kay Rhie, Peter Golub, and Richard Danielpour.

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