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June Kuramoto on the koto mentors Jayleen Montoya with her guitar.
Tommy Faragher mentors drummer Jaime Tena.
Clinton Anthony Johnson mentors Andrew Boone.
Akira Nakano mentors Jaime Tena.
Tommy Faragher and Molina mentor Luis Diaz.


Mentoring Program

September 2022 - August 2023


Applications Being Accepted for September 2022-June 2023 Cohort


The Los Angeles Inception Orchestra will provide young composers access to professional musicians through mentorships, workshops and performances and innovate music education through original composition and music theory. Composers will learn collaboration from creativity through orchestration to recording and live performance.


 Students will get a comprehensive composition and music career training, college prep in music composition and write a piece for various ensembles of the orchestra , each week engaging with different instrumentalists or music professionals enabling a more complete understanding of how to compose for the symphony. Our partnership with ASMAC brings out composers one-on-one with the best composers, arrangers and orchestrators in the business.


We are currently accepting applications for our Engaging the Orchestra program, which runs from September 20212- June 2023.

Program Overview

  • Over the course of the program, students will complete ensemble pieces for various combinations of instruments of the orchestra leading up to recording sessions and a live performance.

  • Students may be asked to perform in June 2023 with their mentors and orchestra on stage live.

  • Instruction includes workshops in composition, scoring for picture, various “careers in music”, music theory and orchestration.

  • Students will be filmed during in-studio mentoring and rehearsal sessions. Additionally, students will participate in the production process by taking the VR camera home to film their creative sessions and some anecdotes from their home lives. Students will also be interviewed on camera.

  • For the Engaging the Orchestra program in 2022-2023, over thirty instructional sessions over a 40 week period led by working composers, orchestrators, musicians and music industry professionals.

  • On-line composition mentoring sessions led by a single mentor. All sessions will be recorded on zoom, and a link for review will be provided immediately and unedited to parents/guardians of students under 18 for review. Please note, break out rooms are not recorded, though as much as possible we try to have a second adult in the room.

  • While composers retain ownership of their original music, by participating in the Inception program, Inception Orchestra retains all rights on performances by hired musicians.

  • Students must abide by usage rules of the AFM47.

  • All students will participate in rehearsals and concert in June 2023, Covid-dependent. Mentors will be section leads.

  • All compositions will be recorded for use on the Inception Mobile App (to be released in Fall 2024).

  • All lessons both virtual and in-person will be recorded virtually and will be made available for review in their unedited version.

  • LA Inception Orchestra may use and and all of these recorded session for publicity purposes.

  • By contract between the LA Inception Orchestra and American Federation of Music, usage of music can only be within the Inception App or via the rules of the demo contract (non-video).

  • The LA Inception Orchestra will make all works available for composers to demo via the app without restriction.

  • A separate agreement may be negotiated between the AFM and the composer for other usage

  • All staff mentors have passed background checks before interacting with composers in person or on line.


  • Applicants for composition class must have composition experience and the drive to explore instrumentation and orchestration with dedication.

  • Applicants must be fluent in reading and a desire to write music. Those not are required to enroll in our Ear Training/Music Theory from the beginning Club.

  • Applicant should currently be active as an instrumental musician and/or participate in a school orchestra or band.

  • Applicant must have reliable transportation to and from the classroom, recording studio and workshop locations.

  • Applicant must be able to commit to the program dates.

  • Access to a computer and internet and email is required (parent/guardian account ok).

  • Sibelius software is required for composition class - scholarships for software/computers available.

  • Applicant should be in jr high - high school (exceptions considered).

  • Applicant must be willing to allow us to film his/her creative process and preferably interview family members and/or close friends for the documentary process.


Complete application must include the following:

  • Completed application form

  • ONE printed score sample

  • Recordings or links to your submitted compositions

  • Responses to short answer questions

  • ONE letter of support sent directly to the LA Inception Orchestra from any of the following: instrumental teacher, composition teacher, in-school or after school music program instructor, or musical mentor  (email to:

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